11 years of gratitude

Time for an annual gratitude post.
Today marks 11 years since the idea of BL Media Solutions took form and started to grow with thanks to Renee Attwells. It began with Day 1 of my first freelance contract at Sportsbrand Media and the countless awesome crew there, to Brendan Bell for trusting me to continue all the social media and post production for MXTV, building it to what it is today.
I now count myself lucky to have some great agency and corporate clients, and some invaluable connections and friendships. Running your own small business can be tough, no doubt, and having moved through the last two years of having business placed under some tricky conditions, to the crew at Epic Studios, the advice, council and friendship especially during lockdown has proven invaluable.
As always the grind and hustle are worth it when your clients reactions and “word of mouth” recommendations are the only form of marketing you’ve ever really had to engage.
Finally a massive thanks goes to all of you who have helped in any way small or large, and an even bigger thank to everyone who’s given me the chance to work with them to create great content.
The biggest thanks of all goes to Josie Molloy, without her I think this would genuinely have struggled at times.
Hustle hard and stay humble.