Videos for all types of content

We’ve had the chance to tackle some wide and varied content over the journey of BL Media Solutions, and even more so in the last 6 months. From videos for exercise apps, case studies, television commercials right through to landing page promos, designed to shape a little buzz and fun about a product offering.

A video that met the “product offering” brief, hit our edit suite recently. It came from our brilliant mates at Scooter Creative and their client BMW Australia and the Mini marque.

With a great storyboard, and shot selection for key points in hand, we set about music selection and accessing a great footage collection to build a funky little 30 second promo, designed to outline the benefits of engaging with a new flexible ownership option for Mini owners and any future options for cars from the Mini fleet they might like to consider. Watch the video in the link above!

This type of video can be great in outlining some top-line information in a quick bite size format for potential customers.

We can create this and any type of content from our video production office based in South Yarra, Melbourne. Get in touch if you have any video questions!

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