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We all make mistakes

It takes team work, to make the dream work at MXTV 😉

Making content can be tough, and we all get nervous. Let’s face it, being in front of the camera can be a surreal experience! But on of the joys of putting great content together is seeing the lighter moments, the laughs, and the mistakes, what are commonly referred to as… the bloopers.

One of of the roles we fulfill every year is acting as the post production house for MXTV, an Australian based production that hits TV screens on the 7 network’s “7mate” channel. We always love the challenge of creating a weekly magazine show, and love the fact that we show the viewers at home, that even experienced presenters and talent sometimes have a few weaker moments. Because, as they say, nobody’s perfect.

Supporting the Community

When the adventure of running my own small business started to take shape, one of the first things I did was become a sponsor of the Lorne Pier to Pub and Mountain to Surf.

Lorne has become an integral part of my life, and the chance to give back, and support the Surf Club through it’s biggest event weekend has become a source of great pride. along side the challenge of providing same day video packages for social media, I’m also tasked with creating content for the event big screen and assisting with social media content and management.

I feel as a business owner it’s a great opportunity to give back and help out those around you when ever you can. Bring on the 40th anniversary in 2020!

An interesting choice

Recently BL Media Solutions completed a project for one of Melbourne’s leading water management bodies, Western Water and The Water Industry Operator’s Association.
It’s a great video covering the process that water management bodies should undertake to protect us, the end consumer from illness, when repairing a water main.

The script was prepped, the shoot took place over a couple of days in Melbourne and Shepparton, and a rough cut was supplied as part of the process, with the voice of your truly as the temp narrator. The clients loved my read so much, they ended up wanting to keep it on the video, and now you can hear me, educating you, on the finer points of the care needed when repairing a water main!

We’ve been burning through the projects!

We’ve been a little quiet on the blog front lately, we’ve been putting in the hard yards for our great clients.
The chance to work on such a diverse range of content and projects is a challenge we always relish at BL Media Solutions.

We’ve been covering heaps of Victoria, recently hitting Shepparton, Gisbourne and Sunbury for some upcoming content for Intelligent Water Networks, Western Water and WIOA

We’ve been spending quality time with some of the amazing horses (and corporate guests!) at some of Hands of Change’s Equihand team building retreats.  They are a great organisation working in both the corporate and disability sectors.     Check them out at : handsofchange.org.au/
NEC recently got us to help out with capturing their amazing Visitor Management System kiosks, using their industry leading NeoFace technology, these kiosks can make the arrival and management of visitors to any office or work site super quick and even easier with personalised greetings on return visits! Strike Force asked us to again provide video and photography services for their annual conference, this year hosted at the amazing RACV Cape Schanck resort. This is always an amazing event, and delves deep into what some of our leading brands have coming up for consumers in the year to come! Our great mates at Capture Point Media once again caught some classic photographic moments during the conference.

And as always we enjoy working with some of the best known brands in the motorcycle industry, recently working on projects for leading brands Kawasaki and Suzuki via our great collaborators Bell Group Productions!

video production south yarra BL Media Solutions

Suzuki – Stay Upright

A little fun social content

Sadly, Australia just left this year’s biggest sporting event, the  World Cup. Which brings to an end our recently completed  project for the team at Unibet, which involved social media Trick Shot sensation Jed Hockin.

Hockin is known for his ability to bounce a ball off just about any object, to pull off what to us mere mortals would seem impossible. The clips at last count had hit 80,000 views on facebook, plus were played in house in pub and bars across Australia.

And while we’re sad to see the Aussies out of the Cup and end to Jed’s tricks for now, we always love helping to create fun and engaging content for our clients.



The Surf Club Project

A few weeks months ago we wrote about the series we recently worked on for Dulux, it was such a fun series and we really enjoyed the trust that the Dulux team put in us to deliver a top level product all within a very tight time frame on the day!
In the end we produced a series of 6 videos covering a whole range of the business units that participate in the program that is playing an important role in protecting those who spend all summer protecting us!
Here is one of the longer versions, explaining the journey of the program and impact of surf clubs in Australia

Meeting a kitchen legend

These days most Australian homes that have a serious chef in the family will have a Stephanie Alexander cookbook of some kind, with her “The Cook’s Companion” being highly regarded with over 500,000 copies sold.
Through her many years of experience in the food industry, Stephanie has learnt the importance of food education of all Australians and the influence it can have on our lives and well being.
2001 saw her create the Stephanie Alexander Kitchen Garden Foundation to help educate inner city kids about the growing of food with a comprehensive gardening and kitchen program.
They now have reached over 1000 schools across Australia, making a tremendous impact!

We were recently asked by the awesome team from Melbourne creative agency Thirst Creative to help out with a video for Stephanie’s new Turning The Tables initiative, where participating restaurants donate part of your dining receipt to help raise funds towards further food education goals.

We thoroughly enjoyed working with Stephanie and her team, and like the true professional she is we were done in a flash!


We love a nice piece of production design

A while back we shared our favourite Nike spot featuring Londoners as the heros of the story, but more so it showed off what great and elaborate production design can create. So like most production professionals we love a great piece of production design, and this new one from Asics for their #IMoveMe campaign, is so simple it’ll have you scratching you head as to how they made it.

Cool people, the back streets of Tokyo, and a great message designed to inspire all of us to get out there!

A few busy weeks!


It’s been a little crazy here of late, but it’s been a grand time telling some great stories, and connecting with new clients and creating projects for them that engage in a great way!
DuluxGroup recently approached us to film a project for them that actually had a little personal bearing. For 6 years they have undertaken the the Surf Club Project, a program where they are providing new paint and protection for Surf Life Saving Clubs around Australia. The 200th club to receive this treatment was Lorne SLSC, a club where many of my friends and family have been involved in some shape or form.
It was great to be able to capture this transformation, with the Dronestar team capturing some amazing aerials, and to see the finishing touch, some brand new signage, take pride of place on the side of this building which plays such an important part in this seaside tourist hub.
I take great pride in working with a brand that wanted to tell the story of how important these clubs are for the communities that they work to protect every year, and the pride that Dulux take in helping Surf Clubs stay in shape for the years of future life saving they have ahead of them.

This project provides us with the chance to pay tribute to the the tireless volunteers who train hard to provide countless thousands of beach goers protection and safety every year, so that everyone can enjoy this great place we live in.
Click on the image to play the first in the series!

Dulux Weathershield – Protecting Surf Life Saving Clubs around Australia

Dulux has teamed up with Surf Life Saving Australia to protect clubs across Australia.
After 6 years, we're up to 200 Surf Life Saving Clubs protected with Dulux Weathershield.

Posted by Dulux Australia on Tuesday, 20 March 2018