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We’re all missing sport!

Covid has bought a lot of changes for many of us!
We are all missing some of the activities we used to normally do. Many of us love the spectacle of sport and sitting in a stadium so we’ve got a little piece that can help cover that void! We were lucky enough to help edit a piece as part of a series on the worlds greatest sports fans.

Meet Lorin “Big Lo” Sandretzky, as much a part of the Seattle Seahawks as the feared 12th man, the crowd.

Movie making magic

We always love moments that pull back the curtain on the magic of movie making. It helps people understand that there are so many levels to what crafts a quality film, and how complex the process of post production can actually be!

This great little film we discovered this week sheds a great bit of light on the little known world of Foley, the art of creating sounds for films.

It’s called Fashion!

It’s that time of year when the elite of Melbourne go crazy for VAMFF, or for those who aren’t in the know, the Virgin Australia Melbourne Fashion Festival!

Some of Australia’s best and brightest designers, brands and retailers show their wares to the trend hungry crowds of Melbourne. A hectic week, over countless locations, many hard working people giving it their all to help their fashion dreams come true.

A couple of years ago we worked with the Westfield Doncaster team to bring to “same day turn around” videos from the opening two days of the festival at the hub at the Royal Exhibition building in Carlton. We pride ourselves in being experts in speedy video production and content delivery, and this challenge was no different, and we got to watch it all from the front row! For two days we delivered a video package each day, 3 hours post event. We love the challenge of capturing the buzz and fun of any event, especially with the added challenge of a “same day” delivery, helping get key messaging out for social channels that these days almost require an immediate content piece ready for followers and fans ASAP!

Good luck to all the hopefuls, established and mega brands out there this festival giving it their all!


Searching for what happened in the last year

Tech giants have become a intrinsic part of all our lives, it’s second nature to “google” something, Siri and Alexa are large parts of peoples home lives these days.
But also these companies use there power to shine a light at time on things that we forgot over time. While watching this year’s Google Super Bowl commercial, the tearjerker that is “Loretta”, (Watch it here: https://youtu.be/6xSxXiHwMrg)
I stumbled on the Google “Searching” series. Each year they produce a thematic look back at events that have played some part in peoples lives, and also celebrates so of the unsung moments that pass us by. Hate to say I spent a solid 15 minutes watching a few of them, and still have a few left.

For a brief, concise 2 minutes, they sure pack a powerful punch.

When a community comes together

Nearly a fortnight on, and we’re super pleased with the results so far for our Lorne Pier to Pub Lorne Mountain to Surf video. Closing in on 3,600 views, 7,000 people reached and 1,600 engagements, and once again delivered in record time. From completion of the Superfish race the video was online in an hour and a half.

We love sponsoring this event in our small form, it’s a busy day and we love the task of the creative challenge of covering both events over the two days. The thing we love most is the sense of community. Not only is it amazing the 500 people volunteer their time to help run the event, but that so many people set themselves the challenge of taking part in one of the worlds biggest open water swims!

Most amazing was how popular the CitiPower and Powercor Australia cherry pickers were!

If you ever have any video production questions, contact us, we can meet at your location, or we are conveniently located in South Yarra, Melbourne.

This is one of my favourites

Christmas. It’s that time of year where sentimentality sweeps us up and brands find moments to get us at our weakest.

I’m a sucker for an great advertising spot that is subtle on the sell, but packs a powerful punch. English for beginners is one of those.
Created by Allegro, the Polish equivalent of Amazon, this fun and whimsical spot, builds for an ending that had me trying to find the packet of tissues in the office top draw.

Most importantly, it’s a great reminder, that no barrier cant be overcome if you truly want something.

Merry Christmas and I hope you have a chance to relax, recharge, and get into 2020 all guns blazing!

Time for a cute break!

These days, there’s social media video content everywhere, it’s hard to escape. The current statistic is that nearly 80% of all web traffic will be video in the next 5 years.

Brands and businesses are looking to leverage content when ever they can. It gives them a chance to connect and engage across aspects of their brand that previously took a long time to reach market via existing old school media formats. Now, you can send out to, and target, fans and followers via your own social audiences. Recently Dulux found they had some leftover footage from a stills shoot with a new litter of their iconic English sheepdogs. So they were looking to create a small series of social clips, playing on some of the dilemmas we all face when painting. *cue cuteness overload* We created a series of 4 clips across both standard and vertical screen designs, using themes such as “need a break?” “Time for cute break” and “meet the new family members”

Creating content from something that normally would have sat on a shelf is always a challenge we enjoy, more so when it’s content that can bring a smile to an audiences face.

You have to take time.

Some choice highlights from our trip away

We all work hard, that is without question.

Therefore sometimes we can be working so hard we forget to take a break! For me it had been nearly two years, and more than that since Josie and I had a proper holiday together. So the time had come, I let my clients know that I’d be away and the stars aligned for us to travel to Italy, travel from Rome up through via Florence and Cinque Terre, to eventually join nearly 25 friends for our good friend Prue’s birthday in Bellagio on Lake Como!

Traveling to another country gives you that great chance to relax, see somewhere new, enjoy different hospitality and gain perspective on why you work so hard, for the moments you get to share as you go somewhere completely new, and for you, completely undiscovered.

It’s these opportunities that are a powerful reminder of what hard work can achieve, but also that always take the time to allow yourself to have those moments to enjoy as you never know when the chance to travel will happen again.

When video content is King!

One of a series of content produced for Unibet Australia

Ways to engage with your target audience is always a tricky avenue, and providing them content that they enjoy is even harder.

Unibet Australia realised that storied video content was a great engagement tool as they discovered their audience was hungry for UFC/MMA style viewing, so we helped create a series of 3 videos, which to date has scored over 140,000 views for a niche market on their social media channel.

We loved hanging with leading Australian MMA and UFC featherweight fighter Alexander Volkanovski, and found out that life could have taken a vary different path if he had not started training in MMA.

Story telling gives you a unique way to engage and provide your audience, fans or potential clients with a valuable insight into what your brand stands for.

It’s all in the history…

Looking to the future is important in any organisation, but just as important is looking back at where you began and your journey to now, the present day.

With a mountain of key history points Burson Auto Parts wanted a way to display their corporate history in a unique and engaging way. It was great to be able to show their growth from a single store to what is now a network of 180 stores and growing!

This video functions well in the fact that it can still remain informative with no sound activated, with the visual year graphics marking major milestones in the company’s journey.

If your business ever wants to create video content like this, or any other form of the fastest growing engagement tool on the web today, drop us a line!