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Time for a cute break!

These days, there’s social media video content everywhere, it’s hard to escape. The current statistic is that nearly 80% of all web traffic will be video in the next 5 years.

Brands and businesses are looking to leverage content when ever they can. It gives them a chance to connect and engage across aspects of their brand that previously took a long time to reach market via existing old school media formats. Now, you can send out to, and target, fans and followers via your own social audiences. Recently Dulux found they had some leftover footage from a stills shoot with a new litter of their iconic English sheepdogs. So they were looking to create a small series of social clips, playing on some of the dilemmas we all face when painting. *cue cuteness overload* We created a series of 4 clips across both standard and vertical screen designs, using themes such as “need a break?” “Time for cute break” and “meet the new family members”

Creating content from something that normally would have sat on a shelf is always a challenge we enjoy, more so when it’s content that can bring a smile to an audiences face.

You have to take time.

Some choice highlights from our trip away

We all work hard, that is without question.

Therefore sometimes we can be working so hard we forget to take a break! For me it had been nearly two years, and more than that since Josie and I had a proper holiday together. So the time had come, I let my clients know that I’d be away and the stars aligned for us to travel to Italy, travel from Rome up through via Florence and Cinque Terre, to eventually join nearly 25 friends for our good friend Prue’s birthday in Bellagio on Lake Como!

Traveling to another country gives you that great chance to relax, see somewhere new, enjoy different hospitality and gain perspective on why you work so hard, for the moments you get to share as you go somewhere completely new, and for you, completely undiscovered.

It’s these opportunities that are a powerful reminder of what hard work can achieve, but also that always take the time to allow yourself to have those moments to enjoy as you never know when the chance to travel will happen again.

When video content is King!

One of a series of content produced for Unibet Australia

Ways to engage with your target audience is always a tricky avenue, and providing them content that they enjoy is even harder.

Unibet Australia realised that storied video content was a great engagement tool as they discovered their audience was hungry for UFC/MMA style viewing, so we helped create a series of 3 videos, which to date has scored over 140,000 views for a niche market on their social media channel.

We loved hanging with leading Australian MMA and UFC featherweight fighter Alexander Volkanovski, and found out that life could have taken a vary different path if he had not started training in MMA.

Story telling gives you a unique way to engage and provide your audience, fans or potential clients with a valuable insight into what your brand stands for.

It’s all in the history…

Looking to the future is important in any organisation, but just as important is looking back at where you began and your journey to now, the present day.

With a mountain of key history points Burson Auto Parts wanted a way to display their corporate history in a unique and engaging way. It was great to be able to show their growth from a single store to what is now a network of 180 stores and growing!

This video functions well in the fact that it can still remain informative with no sound activated, with the visual year graphics marking major milestones in the company’s journey.

If your business ever wants to create video content like this, or any other form of the fastest growing engagement tool on the web today, drop us a line!

Some times it takes a little education

Part of the verification series produced for Unibet Australia

One thing we love is the wide and varied work our clients engage us to do. One project was a series for the team at Unibet aimed at educating customers on why they need to verify their accounts.

Like all licensed gambling operators, they are legally required to check the personal details provided by customers are correct. This protects all players from identify theft, helps ensure transactions are swift and easy, and allows you to take full advantage of their site.

With the use of simple, clear, clean animation, we created an easily engaging series explaining the three areas that are considered when clearing customers.

Cutting edge technology

Recently the team at Titomic asked us to help out with creating a new video for them, to show viewers the amazing technology that they have developed that is revolutionising the future of manufacturing. The process they have pioneered in conjunction with the CSIRO allows products to be effectively printed in titanium in a single piece.

They have also been able to create the large printer of this type in the world, unlocking even further potential production of large scale items.

We’re looking forward to working with the Titomic team into the future!
Read about it here :https://www.titomic.com/investor-update-march-2019.html

We all make mistakes

It takes team work, to make the dream work at MXTV 😉

Making content can be tough, and we all get nervous. Let’s face it, being in front of the camera can be a surreal experience! But on of the joys of putting great content together is seeing the lighter moments, the laughs, and the mistakes, what are commonly referred to as… the bloopers.

One of of the roles we fulfill every year is acting as the post production house for MXTV, an Australian based production that hits TV screens on the 7 network’s “7mate” channel. We always love the challenge of creating a weekly magazine show, and love the fact that we show the viewers at home, that even experienced presenters and talent sometimes have a few weaker moments. Because, as they say, nobody’s perfect.

Supporting the Community

When the adventure of running my own small business started to take shape, one of the first things I did was become a sponsor of the Lorne Pier to Pub and Mountain to Surf.

Lorne has become an integral part of my life, and the chance to give back, and support the Surf Club through it’s biggest event weekend has become a source of great pride. along side the challenge of providing same day video packages for social media, I’m also tasked with creating content for the event big screen and assisting with social media content and management.

I feel as a business owner it’s a great opportunity to give back and help out those around you when ever you can. Bring on the 40th anniversary in 2020!

An interesting choice

Recently BL Media Solutions completed a project for one of Melbourne’s leading water management bodies, Western Water and The Water Industry Operator’s Association.
It’s a great video covering the process that water management bodies should undertake to protect us, the end consumer from illness, when repairing a water main.

The script was prepped, the shoot took place over a couple of days in Melbourne and Shepparton, and a rough cut was supplied as part of the process, with the voice of your truly as the temp narrator. The clients loved my read so much, they ended up wanting to keep it on the video, and now you can hear me, educating you, on the finer points of the care needed when repairing a water main!