A few busy weeks!


It’s been a little crazy here of late, but it’s been a grand time telling some great stories, and connecting with new clients and creating projects for them that engage in a great way!
DuluxGroup recently approached us to film a project for them that actually had a little personal bearing. For 6 years they have undertaken the the Surf Club Project, a program where they are providing new paint and protection for Surf Life Saving Clubs around Australia. The 200th club to receive this treatment was Lorne SLSC, a club where many of my friends and family have been involved in some shape or form.
It was great to be able to capture this transformation, with the Dronestar team capturing some amazing aerials, and to see the finishing touch, some brand new signage, take pride of place on the side of this building which plays such an important part in this seaside tourist hub.
I take great pride in working with a brand that wanted to tell the story of how important these clubs are for the communities that they work to protect every year, and the pride that Dulux take in helping Surf Clubs stay in shape for the years of future life saving they have ahead of them.

This project provides us with the chance to pay tribute to the the tireless volunteers who train hard to provide countless thousands of beach goers protection and safety every year, so that everyone can enjoy this great place we live in.
Click on the image to play the first in the series!

Dulux Weathershield – Protecting Surf Life Saving Clubs around Australia

Dulux has teamed up with Surf Life Saving Australia to protect clubs across Australia.
After 6 years, we're up to 200 Surf Life Saving Clubs protected with Dulux Weathershield.

Posted by Dulux Australia on Tuesday, 20 March 2018

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