July 7, 2017 Ben Lane

Great Brands – Cool Content

This year we’ve had great fun providing content creation for Melbourne-based Suzuki Motorcycles Australia. Often off the back of busy media launches, some of the unseen moments have a time to shine in a great range of highlight clips that Suzuki then leverage as Social Media content to their followers and customers.

This style of clip can help create a fun and playful angle to what can often been seen as a serious subject, that of the product launch. On this particular project we had nearly 70 journalists in 5 days go through many test rides and pieces to camera, and it was great to be able to show the less serious side to what was one of the biggest launches of it’s type to take place in Australia.

We’ve enjoyed proving that our production workflow, can lead to quick turn-around, engaging content that viewers love.
And as such, we’ve now gone on the create more of these clips on subsequent launches for Suzuki Motorcycles, across Australia and Japan.



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