Nothing beats… great content and pride

We’re suckers for a great campaign, and this is the season when some classics are rolled out in the US during the much sought after super bowl spots.
But the other day this one popped up on the radar, and we instantly fell in love with it!

“Nothing beats a Londoner” a new short film from Nike that doubles as an ode to the city, its culture, and athletes. Not the superstars, but the everyday people that keep the global capital moving.

Yes, it does have a hand full of sporting superstars, but it’s the local kids of London who are the true stars, as they share the battles they go through just to compete in a city that can have the reputation of wearing you down.
The agency chose well, trying to give a well known American brand a distinctly local flavour, and to capture a “true London” feel they moved away from digital and shot the production on 16mm film “to really capture the texture of the city. In terms of the classic quick-cut, multi-sport film style, it’s a dynamic way to show sport looking incredible on screen. Besides, we had a lot of sports we wanted to feature because kids play everything here–even ice hockey.”
In their search for local athletes, the agency reached out to local sports clubs and schools, and went for real athletes over actors. “There’s a unique authenticity to the spot because the young athletes were cast for their sporting prowess above anything else,” say the creative directors. “And they’re all Londoners. The really exciting part was making them the stars of the show and seeing them one-up their heroes.”

We love the passion and the pride these Londoners show!

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