Meeting a kitchen legend

These days most Australian homes that have a serious chef in the family will have a Stephanie Alexander cookbook of some kind, with her “The Cook’s Companion” being highly regarded with over 500,000 copies sold.
Through her many years of experience in the food industry, Stephanie has learnt the importance of food education of all Australians and the influence it can have on our lives and well being.
2001 saw her create the Stephanie Alexander Kitchen Garden Foundation to help educate inner city kids about the growing of food with a comprehensive gardening and kitchen program.
They now have reached over 1000 schools across Australia, making a tremendous impact!

We were recently asked by the awesome team from Melbourne creative agency Thirst Creative to help out with a video for Stephanie’s new Turning The Tables initiative, where participating restaurants donate part of your dining receipt to help raise funds towards further food education goals.

We thoroughly enjoyed working with Stephanie and her team, and like the true professional she is we were done in a flash!


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