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The chance to travel

Something we can loose sight of when running a small business is allowing yourself to have a break, some time off, purely the chance to disconnect from something that can at times, be all consuming.

For me that moment recently popped up. My first trip away for an extended period of time in over 18 months.

And where did I head to? Japan!

One of my favourite places to travel. The countryside is beautiful, the people are friendly, and you’re away from your desk!

Now, luckily for my mates hat I traveled with, I documented most of what I could and popped it in this short little clip.

So I leave you with this. Always take the moments you can, as they truly show you what all the hard work is for…chances like this!




The art of story telling

The art of telling a story can be a tricky situation. But some times all it can take is a little imagination to unlock a world of magic and adventure as you tell that story and the characters it involves.

I’ve only just discovered this great course from pixarinabox.org via Khan Academy. The awesome team at Pixar, who are arguably some of the best story tellers in the business give their insights into what it takes to engage and create stories that transport you in to another time/life/world




What a busy 12 months providing you our best work!

We’d just like to take a moment to say what a great 12 months we’ve just had! The BL Media Solutions 2017 sizzle reel has just been finished and there was so many great projects that we have worked on in the last 12 months, we couldn’t fit every thing in!


We always pride ourselves, on firstly meeting then exceeding our clients expectations, and looking back at the diversity of projects over the last year our clients are happy with all our work, across almost every production platform you can think of. From budgets small and big, to projects that are a quick turn around, to TV series that are months in the planning, BL Media Solutions have thrived on every challenge that has been presented…

And here’s hoping that the next 12 months are just as much fun!

An action packed week!

Recently we were asked by Bell Group Productions to work on location for the Global Launch of Suzuki Motorcycle’s GSX-R 1000R at Phillip Island Grand Prix Circuit in Victoria

A truly action packed week, we produced well over 45 video items for motorcycle journalists from France, Italy, Japan, USA, United Kingdom, Canada, Germany, Austria, New Zealand and Australia.

On location on Phillip Island for Suzuki's GSX-R 1000R Global Launch Week

On location on Phillip Island for Suzuki’s GSX-R 1000R Global Launch Week

We met some great people, and it was an awesome chance to see the Suzuki Japan mechanics at work, making sure that ever ride was perfect!

Here’s a peep at us filming Bruce Wilson from Fast Bikes Magazine as he returned from a session on track



Dreams do come true!

Late last year the crew at Capture Point Media asked us to join them in capturing a special day at the Adairs Headquarters in Scorsby, Victoria.

This great day saw 3 young people from the Make-A-Wish foundation join the Adairs creative team to help create some limited edition bed linen that will then be sold across Adairs outlets to help raise money for Make-A-Wish. This will enable Make-A-Wish to help make the dreams come true for even more special children around Australia.

It was a fun filled day, full of creativity, drawing, painting… and maybe a few donuts 😉

It was great to be there as the designs took shape over the day, and too see how proud these kids were to take part in such a cool project!

Check out the awesome finished designs here: https://www.adairs.com.au/stylist-picks/Make-A-Wish/





The chance to give back

Waaaaaaaaaay back when I made the decision to move to Melbourne and give the big city a shot, I had to crash course myself in learning some new software.

This was intense to say the least, and where was I going to find access to what I needed in Hobart?! I need to learn the basics of Final Cut Pro as quickly as I could. So I went and say the fabulous team at Wide Angle Tasmania, a body that’s charged with providing Tasmanian Filmmakers with access to gear and resources that they normally may not be able to afford. So the fact that I was able to hire a laptop for a weekend, crash course myself, and now 8 years later have a video production business that’s doing well, all goes back to that moment. The chance to access something I didn’t have, and something like this would turn out to be life changing.

So last year Wide Angle called out for donations to help a film creation fund, to help see two local films made, . I didn’t hesitate to make a donation, as this may be the chance for someone else, to have a chance at their breakout moment. Because you should never underestimate the power of the chance to give back, no matter how big or small.




The Art of Collaboration

It’s always great to collaborate with other creative houses to come up with a great piece of work for a client.

Recently Capture Point Media asked us to edit and grade a piece they shot for Hallmark on renowned illustrator Megan Hess. It was to mark the release of a new range of cards created by Hess for the well known  greeting card brand.

Megan Hess is an international fashion illustrator who works with some of the most prestigious fashion designers and luxury brands around the world, such as: Prada, Dior,  Louis Vuitton, Tiffany & Co., Yves Saint Laurent, Vogue, Harpers Bazaar, Fendi, Ladurée, Givenchy, Wedgwood, Salvatore Ferragamo, Michelle Obama, Cartier, Laduree, Montblanc, Balenciaga, Guerlain, Paspaley, Tag Heuer, and Disney.

Her original pieces of art have varied in scale from the size of a postage stamp to the expanse of an entire building. Her work has appeared on the bottom of luxury swimming pools in Dubai and on the walls of some of the most coveted fashion houses around the world.

She illustrates all of her work with a bespoke Montblanc pen, who she affectionately calls Monty.


Never underestimate the power of a connection!

So this week marks the 5th anniversary of this great little venture being born. It was purely a force of circumstance. I had just found myself unemployed through no fault of my own, in Melbourne, and had worked so hard for 3 years I had never had the chance to network with others in the media industry in my home town.
What was I to do? I felt a little lost to say the least. Then the simple act of passing on my resume via a great friend to her brother (who happened to work for one of Australia’s largest TV networks) who then passed it on to someone hiring in Melbourne.

This is Renee, the person who with passing on my resume, none of this may never have happened. She also is a great camera assistant at times!

This is Renee, the person who without passing on my resume, none of this may never have happened. She also is a great camera assistant at times!

So in the sudden short space of 4 weeks, BL Media Solutions started to take shape! My first freelance contract was with the awesome team at Sportsbrand Media (now Aurora Media based in London) And it’s here that I truly found my feet and could see this working. Working with such a positive team, in a busy production space, gave me the chance to connect with people who I not only got along with, but they would go on to be future clients as they moved on to other ventures.
Then word started to spread, now that I was out on my own, I was able to offer clients the focus and attention that their projects needed, and this then becomes the best form of marketing. The Connection.

In this industry, it’s not just the quality of the product you deliver, but the service and attention that can make or brake you. to this point I’ve been lucky, through delivering work that meets then exceeds client expectations, new clients have contacted me, mentioning that they have loved the work they have seen via previous clients. They become your best form of advertising.

Since the beginning, sponsoring the Pier to Pub was an important marketing tool.

Since the beginning, sponsoring the Pier to Pub was an important marketing tool.

5 years down the track, it’s all starting to bare fruit, client recommendations continue to bring new clients in, event sponsorship has payed off, and the same attitude applies, deliver the same standard of service on every project, and that connection will remain strong and be come your best advocate.
And ultimately, a big thanks to the main connection. Josie Molloy.



What a great way to launch!

So in all the excitement of launching the new look website, I almost missed this awesome feature that aftermarket.com.au has launched on industry identities (we’re still not sure if we are one!)

It was great to be the first person featured in “Method” and give some insight into what makes this business tick! From time to time it’s great to take stock and look at what it takes to achieve running a small business on your own.

What advice have you received?

What’s your must go to resource?

The question that stumped me in the “Method” questionnaire was “Favourite life hack?”

The other thing that was great in being featured in this publication was the fact that it’s not often that many of us get a moment in the spotlight. It’s nice to have it shine on you every once in a while, no matter how big or small a moment it is.

So if you have a moment, check out my small moment in the spot light:

The Future is being developed… right here in Melbourne

Here’s a great project we recently delivered for the Australian division of NEC. A challenge for this project was to provide a 4k product solution for use in their amazing Innovation Centre which features 3 Ultra High Definition screens.

NEC needed to be able to show external clients how exactly the NEOface technology could, and will improve workplaces as we modernise and safety become paramount in these times, when identification and access need to be cutting edge and on point. Click on the link below to discover how NEC’s world-leading facial recognition technology can be applied for visitor registration & access control and see how their Welcome Kiosk can add value across a range of private and public sector organisations.