Melbourne Stage 4 doesn’t mean content has to stop

A little bit of social distancing doesn’t mean content has to stop, but it can present some challenges! Recently we put this clip together for Brendan from Melbourne-based dirt bike show MXTV and his product review of the great iDRIVE Australia throttle system for turbo vehicles. He and his son Cam filmed it all themselves with a small camera and then sent us the footage to put together in to a great looking package for them.

Even with your trusty mobile phone, you have the power to create great and engaging content. It gives you the ability to show your customer base new products you may be launching, through to customer testimonials, or you may just want to show new customers what it is you actually do. Every person, business and organisation has a great story just needing to be unlocked and told!

Reach out today if you have any content you’d love to put together to reach your audience.
You can reach out via the website contact form, our facebook page, or even an old fashioned phone call!

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